RumbleInTheJungle on a #FatBike #mtb #SriLanka

4 day stage race 170 miles 25,000 feet of blood, sweat, gears and fat bike tears.

I’ll will be racing this organised event through www.yakattack.com in June 2016 and with a very good friend of mine Matti form the Isle Of Man.

But more importantly I will be raising money for my colleagues nephew who is only 5 years old and has a brain tumour

Joshua Dobson Brain Tumour Awareness.

Not a lot of people know that only 1% of money raised for cancer research goes towards brain tumor research, even though more under 40 die from brain tumours every year than any other cancers.
My justgiving link is.
Header image from: enduro-mtb.com – website :-)
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